Who Are We?

We are parents from Maplewood-South Orange, NJ (2009) and Ridgefield, CT (as of 2011) who would like to share the joy and pride of playing soccer in a uniform with children who are less fortunate than ours.

May 2018
WOGO delievered uniforms and balls to players in Cuba at the National Children’s Theater School!

February 2017
The Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative delivered jerseys and soccer balls to kids in the PoC camp in Juba, South Sudan.

April 2015
Brian from Arrive in Kenya took a full bag back to the kids in Kenya.

February 2014

Students from Sacred Heart University brought uniforms and balls to a sugar plantation in Guatemala. They inflated the balls and started playing!

In December 2013, we sent uniforms and balls to Keumbu, Kenya. The kids were estatic and started playing immediately. They have dreams of building a soccer field at their home.
Thank you, Arrive in Kenya!

Summer 2012, we brought gear to Cusco, Peru! The kids couldn't wait to start playing.

In January 2012, our new friends at CLOUT Cares brought 4 teams of jerseys and balls to Vumila, a girls' orphanage north of Kakamega, Kenya. Thank you, CLOUT Cares!

Photo: Sandy Kensler, CLOUT Cares

In September 2011, our friends at WOGO brought jerseys for 4 teams to Bethancourt School in Antigua, Guatemala. Look at the joy in his face!

Photo: Robyn Hakanson, WOGO

In December 2010, jerseys for 4 teams were sent to Bangladesh schools with The Bangladesh Relief Fund.

In September 2010, Women Orthopaedist Global Outreach (WOGO) brought jerseys to a girls' school in in Kathmandu. You can see our jerseys on the table as they share their dreams for their futures. Thank you, WOGO!

And here are Kickers' jerseys on Team Beramalia Kids #2 in Bangladesh.

We'd like to be able to send at least two complete sets of 11 uniforms and a ball to each school/orphange. (Since our younger kids play small-sided games, it might take a couple seasons to collect enough of one color.)

We partner other organizations that are already doing great work in many developing nations. Another one of the groups we work with is the Bangladesh Relief Fund in Cincinnati, Ohio. They have been sending uniforms to Blangldesh for 4 years now.

Participating Soccer Clubs


Many charities, businesses, and individuals make this possible:

ARRIVE in Kenya- uniform distribution

Women Orthopaedist Global Outreach- uniform distribution

Team Excel Soccer - donation of new soccer balls

CLOUT Cares- uniform distribution

Maplewood Stationers - uniform collection

Soccer and Rugby Imports- uniform collection

Ashley's Soccer- donation of new soccer balls

3R Living- uniform collection

Bangladesh Relief Fund - uniform distribution

Kari's Cafe - uniform collection